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Peiriant llenwi llinellol offer llenwi liqid awtomatig 10 pen Abfuellmaschine fuer Fluessigkeit


Linear filling machine automated with 10 heads

1. It can widely use in the filling of different viscosity aqua and cream products; for example: daily chemical, food, medicine,

pesticide and oil, etc.

2.Simple and nice sharp of the machine, Compact and reasonable of design, it adopted high-quality components of the

German’s PESTO pneumatic element and Japan’s Mitsubishi electric control parts, so that it can to ensure quality of its

outstanding performance and lasting stability.

3.Not need any other special tools, no bottle no filling, accurate of filling volume, it has a counting function at the same time

when filling,

4. The whole machine including 2-24 filling heads, the number of filling heads can increase or decrease according to

customer's needs.

5. Configuration include the movements which when filling the cylinder up and down that driven the pipe close. It effectively

prevent the occurrence

of leakage and drawing, it apply to the high-foaming products of filling lifting systems, further ensure the position fixing system of bottle of the horizontal bottle.

Linear filling machine automatic liqid filler equipment 10 heads Abfuellmaschine fuer Fluessigkeit1

Technical parameter of filling machine linear automatic:

Filling range20-1000 ml
Filling speedLess than or equal 80 bottles/ minute (100-500ml)
Air consumption1000L/minute
Rated power0.8 KW
Working power220V
Filling  heads10( It can custom-tailor)
overall dimensionsL2342*W1020*H2560(mm)

Peiriant llenwi gwactod niwmatig 10 pen ar gyfer pob math o offer llenwi awtomatig llinol hylif6

Gwarant: one year warranty since the date of delivery,if there is any wearing part broken within the warranty and isn’t caused by improperly operation.
Dylai'r gwerthwr gynnig y rhannau newydd o fewn y cyfnod gwarant i ddisodli'r rhai sydd wedi torri tra dylai'r prynwr ysgwyddo'r gost am y rhannau newydd a'r ffi cludo.
installation and commissioning:bydd y cwsmer yn talu'r daith rownd tocynnau awyr economaidd ac yn trefnu'r llety a'r bwyd a'r modd i beirianwyr 60USD y dydd fel cyflog i beirianwyr y gwneuthurwr am instiong a chomisiynu'r cyfarpar yng nghynllun y cwsmer.